Supplied Ideas

In 2007 Martijn stared his company and sold it again 2010. He then started his new company IdeasSupplier. As an entrepreneur, in the recent years, he helped more than 100 successful "business start ups". Helped them setting up and expanding their businesses.

As program manager of Scouting Academy, he was partly responsible for a culture change in training. 25,000 scoutleaders. They are now valued for what they can. Their personal competences are continuously being trained on a demand-oriented basis.

As Brand Engagement Manager at Specsavers International he is focused to increase the commitment of the 1200 employees.

As NLP trainer/consultant and motivational interviewing trainer, IdeasSupplier has provided trainings and retreats to many organizations such as KPN-consulting, Office Depot, Dutch Healthcare Authority, UWV, TNT, Brepols and so on. Is your company ready for a successful retreat? A retreat where hard nuts will be cracked. Call IdeasSupplier today to make an appointment.

Guest speaker with ideas

P.E.P. talk, the key to true success
Intelligence and talent can be the source of succes. The workings of the 'fixed and growth mindset'. Anyone can be a lever for succes. In short, everything how Passion, Energy and Persistance can affect your organisation.

Everything can be done different... even this
About the tremendous momentum that thinking off the beaten path can bring about, the courage to be open to other perspectives.

The art of motivating
About the intrinsic motivation of your employees and how they may be applied for your business ' Because everybody is motivated for something'.

Concept to measure
Together, we create a presentation that seamlessly fits to your specific requirements and ideas.

Learn more about the possibilities? Call IdeasSupplier today to make an appointment. There is always time for a cup of coffee and good conversation.