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Miscellaneous Information:

Who is that IdeasSupplier, Martijn

Martijn Nas

Skater with Holiday on Ice to trainer and coach , Martijn Nas has done it all. Commitment and perseverance are the common thread in his career. It's the lubricating oil in each career. He calls it his PEP: Passion, Energy and Persistance. That's what has brought Martijn to where he is today. And that is exactly what he gives his customers.

Know what motivates you and you can achieve anything. As IdeasSupplier Martijn touches people by understanding what moves them. He inspires and motivates by making use of the many anecdotal and sometimes pungent practices that he has experienced during his long career. He is nimble in the use of: Thinking in terms of possibilities, what can be done. That ensures finding solutions and getting things in motion.

His work is characterized by lots of energy, interaction and continuous activation of the interlocutor. Out of the box thinking is his nature.

Martijn is international and national trainer. His training is done in neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and motivational interviewing (MI). He has developed himself at the University of California, the cradle of NLP. Through the combination of NLP and MI he is a sought after trainer at home and abroad.

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